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Specialization and automation
in the distribution of high value-added products .

Autoautomation in the

The largest
logistics operators

High value-added

About us.

Elfezone, one of the Spanish companies with the highest level of specialization and automation in the distribution of high value-added products, with the best experts and working with the largest logistics operators in the market, our products arrive inoptimal conditions .

E-commerce Solutions.

(B2C Sales).

We can help brands and manufacturers to manage their online business. By using our own stores in different marketplaces, which are already well positioned through years of work, we manage the creation of your catalogs, including launch and promotion for your products.
We can help the positioning of your products in the most current and important marketplaces, allowing you to quickly reach new markets and clients.
By using the best logistics and distribution practices, we will help you to increase the volume of your sales, reinforcing at the same time the image of your brands.

(B2B Sales).

National and International distribution

  • ElfeZone is the perfect solution for the Online and Offline Retail industry, as we provide old and new brands for your portfolio.
  • We have been adding value for the brands on one hand and on the other hand for our many retail clients who depends on our daily and weekly service.


  • ElfeZone offer 650+ Brands and +175.000 unique product references, helping brands and with additional visibility and clients with new refreshing product groups.
  • We daily update of our stocks which allows our clients to decide if they should source the latest product references in the market.
  • We use standardized European Article Code (EAN) as this is the most common identifier of articles.


C/ Marques De Urquijo 15. 28008 Madrid (Spain) +34 605 495 180